Cham Lavant is an artist who lives and works in Paris.

After a degree at the National School of visual arts of Cambre in Brussels, she joined the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 2015 where she will realize her diploma exhibition in december 2019. Her work is invented and created in every space she encounters.

It is often articulated in the deployment of images created for a particular place. Her artistic practice develops around installation, video, photo, drawing, sculpture, performance, and writing. Mainly there is the body. It is like a mast raised by marine and terrestrial fluids. The body as a direction seems sometimes to have disappeared. It is also by his lack that he worried, by his absence that he finds his central place. She mainly makes installations in order to erect a world, an atmosphere. Enter. Exit. Research is essential, she regularly makes booklets mixing images of her work with images of artists who nourish and inspire her.

She has participated in several exhibition projects and she also organizes performances and movies.


︎  @chamlavant